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Putting an end to the marriage violence in your relationship

Many Louisiana residents think it could never happen to them, but it does happen in nearly 20 percent of all marriages across the country. Marriage violence takes many forms and crosses all income levels, and at some point, there are always physical and emotional components. Putting an end to the violence in these relationships often requires a particular kind of courage for which victims should be commended.

The violence often begins with something as innocuous as a push or a shove. Leaving these behaviors unchecked could easily cause an escalation to occur. The physical injuries that result could be severe or even deadly.

Other types of domestic violence exist. Some spouses isolate the person they are supposed to love and protect. The victim is not “allowed” to see friends and family. The abusive spouse controls nearly every move that the other spouse makes. Guilt may be used as a control mechanism, along with fear.

In other relationships, both parties tend to become physical during arguments. They may not even realize that the injuries they cause to each other are serious and could lead to contact with law enforcement. Even if neither party files charges, this may not be the healthiest of relationships.

In any of these cases, marriage violence could lead to a desire for one or both parties to file for divorce. Louisiana residents who need protection from their abusers may seek orders for protection for themselves and any children before they begin the divorce process. Once somewhere safe, it may be beneficial to contact a family law attorney who can provide guidance and assistance through such a challenging time.

Source:, “Domestic Violence,” Sandra M. Stith, Ph.D, Accessed on Aug. 20, 2017

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