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June 2017 Archives

Your gender shouldn't matter with regard to child custody orders

Times have changed in Louisiana and throughout the nation. Depending on your age, you may recall the days when most fathers worked at jobs outside the home and mothers stayed home full-time to raise children. Those days are all but long-term memories across a changing landscape of life in the United States. Nowadays, many children are raised in single parent households. Dads sometimes are the ones staying home while mothers pursue full-time careers. No two families are exactly the same.

Using divorce mediation to make financial decisions

Dealing with the family finances can become a challenge under the best of circumstances. When a Louisiana couple decides to end their marriage, the situation does not often improve for some time. Deciding what to do about the marital estate and a couple's finances could be done through divorce mediation.

Sharing child custody may benefit everyone involved

Deciding how to parent after a divorce may just be one of the biggest challenges Louisiana couples face when they end their marriages. As societal views on parenting have changed, so has the way that parents deal with child custody issues. In the past, one parent (often the mother) had sole custody of the children with visitation for the other parent (often the father). Thankfully, times have changed and now parents often continue to share the parental duties as much as possible, which usually benefit everyone in the family, especially the children.

Knowledge is power in an uncontested divorce

In many Louisiana homes, one spouse takes on the responsibility of keeping track of the household finances, assets and liabilities. This may work well during the marriage, but in a divorce, it could put one party at a disadvantage. Gaining an understanding of the marital finances, assets and liabilities could be the push needed to move a potentially contested divorce into an uncontested divorce since both parties have the same information.

Your family is unique and so is your uncontested divorce

Well-meaning family, friends and colleagues may provide you unsolicited advice when you announce that your marriage is ending. Even if they have been through a divorce, that does not mean that what they went through applies to you. Every family is unique, and your uncontested divorce will be the same.

Fathers can seek child support modifications if needed

For parents in Louisiana and elsewhere, child support can be a rather contentious topic. Yes, it is important to make sure your children receive all that they need, but determining how much economic support is actually required to accomplish this can be a challenge.

Consider the following before signing prenuptial agreements

Are you about to be married? Has your soon-to-be spouse asked you to consider a prenup? Before you go forward with any plans to sign one, you should consider the following potential downsides of prenuptial agreements. You probably already know of the advantages you may receive from such an agreement in the event of a Louisiana divorce, but you need to be equally aware of the disadvantages.

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