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March 2017 Archives

New bill could help domestic abuse victims in divorce filings

Sometimes relationships do not turn out the way both partners envisioned. When a person's spouse resorts to domestic abuse, victims may question whether they should leave the abusive partner. The legal complications involved can be emotionally difficult for victims who seek to divorce because of domestic abuse. However, a new bill that recently passed in the state's House of Representatives may simplify the process for those seeking a divorce in Louisiana if enacted into law.

Family law: Blended families can benefit from estate planning

Families come in all shapes and sizes these days. Those with children from previous marriages are often called "blended" families. It is especially important for those in this situation to think about the future in terms of estate planning because they may have more family members to take into consideration. An experienced family law attorney can help advise Louisiana families regarding the choices available to them.

Financial accounts part of property distribution

Over the past decade or so, the average age when a Louisiana couple decides to marry has increased. There are many reasons for this increase in age, including the desire to become established in a career first and the increase in couples who decide to live together first. In addition to the decision to wait longer before tying the knot, fewer couples are deciding to divorce. This increase in age and career growth typically results in greater concerns when it comes to property distribution.

Property division can cause complications during divorce

Louisiana couples who are contemplating divorce face several challenges. One of those challenges is how to account for property division. This can be especially difficult for couples who own multiple real estate properties. Discussing this topic in advance can help avoid tensions in the future.

When is spousal support available in Louisiana divorce?

Spousal support, maintenance or alimony, as it is sometimes called, can be an important issue in divorce. Although most couples tend to square up financially in the property division aspect of the dissolution process, in some cases it is appropriate to seek out a spousal support award. Spousal support can be either interim, until the divorce is completed, or final.

Your parenting rights in a co-parenting agreement

Child custody is one of the most important and most difficult issues that must be resolved between two parents who are not married or who divorce. Any legal disputes involving children can be extremely emotional, yet many Louisiana parents are able to set these difficult emotions aside in order to design a parenting plan that puts the need of the children first.

Property distribution in a gray divorce can be complicated

In Louisiana and elsewhere, gray divorce is on the rise and has been since the 1990s. In fact, 25 percent of all divorces involve spouses who are 50 or older. While it does not matter at what stage in life a couple decides to end their marriage, getting divorced at a later stage can have a massive impact on one's retirement years. Property distribution in a gray divorce can be complicated, but it is worth taking the time to get it right so that retiring comfortably is still possible.

Restraining orders offer protection to domestic violence victims

Every day in Louisiana, men, women and children are subjected to violence in the home. Domestic violence is a very real problem, and one that the state takes very seriously, as the long-term damage that results from abuse experienced in the home can be devastating. Those who are victims of domestic violence do have the ability to seek protection by filing for restraining orders.

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