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August 2016 Archives

Can a prenuptial agreement affect mortgages?

Events in life can be highlighted as happening in very distinct windows of time. That can leave those in Louisiana who experience them feeling as if they are singular occurrences. However, as anyone who works in family law will likely agree, life is not lived in a silo. What happens today can have a way of rippling. Not only might it be felt far in the future, but some who weren't even around when the original event took place might also feel it. This certainly can be said of marriage and divorce, even prenuptial agreements.

Does psychology matter when dividing property in divorce?

The process of dissolving a marriage can have a certain "checklist" feel to it. In Louisiana, the rule of family law is one of community property. What that means is that the spouses own assets, debts and property acquired during the marriage equally. That being so, the objective of the court is to see that property and debts are divided equally, either physically or by virtue of an equal division of money based on valuations. Obviously, this requires a certain level of business-like detachment.

Violation of child custody has dad indicted on federal charges

Civil court is where family law disputes are to be resolved. This is true for Louisiana and every other state. Unfortunately, there are times when the circumstances of a case escalate beyond that arena. Then the criminal courts may have to be turned to.

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