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December 2015 Archives

Once granted, divorce is typically hard to undo

Louisiana stands apart from most other states in the nation. Few would likely dispute that assessment. One of the things that make it different is that among its laws is one that provides for the option of covenant marriages. As we noted in a previous post, covenant marriage is something the state supports as a possible means of reducing the numbers of divorce.

Co-mom households have benefits. Are they better?

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates there are nearly 11 million single parents in the United States right now. What the number may be in Louisiana and how they may be broken down in terms of gender is a bit more of a guess. Data is hard to come by easily. But if Louisiana is in line with the country as a whole, most of those households are headed up by mothers.

Conflicting filings raise custody concerns in Rock's divorce

The legal status of a young girl is in question as a result of divorce proceedings between comedian Chris Rock and his ex-wife Malaak Compton-Rock. At issue is the fact that Compton-Rock is seeking child support for a child that Rock says is not his dependent. As a result of the dispute some are raising concerns about whether the situation represents a case of possible child trafficking.

Court: Contract binds parents to child support in surrogacy case

The traditional view is that if two adults bring a new baby into the world, they both have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the child. But as nearly everyone would likely attest, family law is one area in which tradition does not always apply.

Keeping children at the center can make for a happier holiday

Anyone who has had a child grow up and get into a serious relationship with a significant other knows the challenges it can create during the holidays. Who gets how much time with whom can often prove to be a big source of friction for Louisiana families. In some cases, it might be so hard to deal with that it leads to decisions to forego family get-togethers completely.

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