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August 2015 Archives

Technology aims to tie together loose divorced family strings

The pace at which we put our computers to work to help solve the most niggling aspects of our complicated lives is astounding. Even if you are a relative Luddite, chances are you have succumbed in some way to the technological revolution that is going on around us.

Parents don't forfeit rights in suspected child abuse cases

A sense of community-wide social conscience can be a dicey thing. On the one hand, everyone is an individual and the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. On the other, the legitimate exercise of society to identify and impose common norms through legislation is also guaranteed.

If you feel threatened, a protective order may help

Every state in the country and the District of Columbia has laws on the books that provide for the issuing of protection orders. Human relationships are fraught with emotion and while cultural and legal norms are that reason should be the prevailing behavior, that ideal is not always met.

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