Reliable, Results-Driven Family Law Representation

Helping Families Through Difficult Decisions

Serious family law issues have you squarely face decisions about how to protect your family, your assets, and your future. When faced with these life-altering decisions, it is in your best interest to seek the advice and counsel of a trustworthy attorney.   Laura L. Davenport helps individuals and families navigate through complicated family law matters and reach effective legal solutions.

Understand Your Rights

Divorce,  custody, division of property, and support disputes are emotionally taxing. Before making any rash decisions, speak to a lawyer who can explain your rights and explore your options. As a Lafayette family law attorney, Laura L. Davenport has the tenacity, legal prowess skills to successfully guide you through the  issues you may face, including:

I can explain and show you how to take the necessary steps to resolve these issues in the least complicated way,  including the possible benefits of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution that can smooth the process and prevent unnecessary complications. She leads directs you to the most efficient and cost-effective solutions in every case. I urge my clients to maintain control over the outcome and expense of their case rather than leave such important issues in the hands of strangers. When resolutions cannot be met cooperatively, however, Laura L. Davenport will expend great energy and use every legal  tool at her disposal to fight for your rights in court.

Call Today; Don’t Wait

With an extensive knowledge of family law, Laura L. Davenport  aggressively advocates for the rights of her clients who are involved in family disputes. I work tirelessly to ensure that your family and assets are protected and preserved. To arrange a confidential consultation, call my office in Lafayette at (337) 231-1397 or contact me online.