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October 2014 Archives

A pre-wedding legal checklist

Before you may legally wed, you must obtain a marriage license. Depending on where you live and where you opt to hold your marriage ceremony, you may be required to submit to blood testing and other mandates before you may obtain your marriage license. While these state requirements are among the only legal requirements you must respect before you may legally wed, it is important to consider a few other items on your hypothetical pre-wedding legal checklist.

Fraud in the inducement of marriage... what about divorce?

Most states have moved to a no-fault divorce system. This means that a spouse is not required to prove fault in the marriage such as adultery or fraud. It certainly does not mean that these are no longer sufficient grounds for divorce. What if the divorce itself is fraudulent?

Should unwed dads get a paternity test before paying support?

The "average" family doesn't always fit into the nuclear definition. Blended families with unwed parents, children born outside of marriage or children from a previous relationship are quite common, and the adults are more than willing to voluntarily take on traditional parental obligations. 

Why you should (almost) stop ranting about your divorce

We frequently write about the importance of processing any negative emotions you may experience as a result of your divorce. Having these emotions is completely normal and healthy. But if you fail to process them appropriately, you may impact your ability to obtain a fair divorce settlement, to receive the kinds of child custody arrangements that are truly in the best interests of your child(ren) and your wellbeing.

Looking on the bright side of living alone again

We frequently write about how important it is to take excellent care of yourself during your divorce. No one can completely separate the hurt feelings and emotional wounds one sustains as a marriage is ending from the practical process of divorce. However, taking good care of yourself places you in the best possible position to weather the divorce process with grace, with dignity and with an eye towards the future instead of the past. This approach helps to ensure that negative emotions do not rule the process and imperil your ability to obtain a fair divorce settlement.

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