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July 2014 Archives

What is 'intimate terrorism' and who commits it?

If you have stumbled across the phrase “intimate terrorist” you may be curious about what it means. Similarly, if you have a controlling and physically aggressive romantic partner, you may be wondering how to label this kind of behavior. You may find the answers to these questions in a study recently presented at an intimate partner violence symposium at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society's Division of Forensic Psychology.

Helping your children through the pain of divorce

If the title of this blog post caught your eye, you are likely a concerned parent who is either divorcing or has finalized a divorce in the relatively recent past. Earlier this month, we posted a blog entitled, “If kids could fully express their feelings about your divorce.” In that post, we noted that kids and teens may be unable to fully understand or express their feelings about your divorce, even if they want to.

Is it time for you and your spouse to go your separate ways?

When couples decide to divorce, each spouse may experience a myriad of emotions. In addition to anger, grief and frustration, some spouses are surprised to discover that they feel a certain degree of relief. How could the decision to end a marriage result in relief? That is a complex question with many answers.

If kids could fully express their feelings about your divorce

Children and teens do not always know how to express themselves fully. Even when they are crying, yelling or otherwise engaging in a more dramatic form of emotional expression, they may not be able to fully articulate what they are concerned about, questioning or feeling.

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