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June 2014 Archives

Does it make sense to file a termination of alimony claim?

Many Americans prefer to make a good, old-fashion “pro and con” list before making numerous kinds of life decisions. It is important to balance the benefits of an action with the potential drawbacks before making a final decision. The outcome of your decision may not be what you had hoped it might, however if you make an informed decision, you will be less likely to suffer regret in the end.

Why you should consider a prenuptial agreement for social media

We have previously written about the fact that prenuptial agreements are no longer tied to the social stigmas that they once were. Instead of being treated as “divorce insurance” prenuptial agreements are now generally considered to be legal tools used by responsible couples who want to strengthen their marriages and protect themselves in the event that they ever do divorce.

Debunking child custody myths

If you and your child’s other parent are disputing the specifics of your child’s custody arrangements, you are likely feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and even frightened. When your child was born, you almost certainly did not dwell on the possibility that you could be compelled to spend significant amounts of time away from him or her before your baby reached the age of 18. However, if your child custody case does not conclude in your favor, you could be forced to endure just that. It is not surprising that this possibility is potentially sending you into an emotional tailspin.

Why badmouthing your ex can directly harm your child

When committed and loving parents are contemplating the arrival of their children, they often make pronouncements like, “I hope she has your smile,” and “I hope he has your laugh.” Whether children are biologically linked to their parents or not, parents often seek to see themselves and their partners in their children.

How grandparents can help when their kids file for divorce

When grandparents choose to become involved in the lives of their grandchildren, tremendously strong bonds may develop as a result. It can therefore be heartbreaking for grandparents when their children choose to file for divorce. Even if the decision to divorce is the healthiest one that an adult can make, divorce is almost always difficult on children. It can be difficult for grandparents to know how they can help their grandchildren as these young people deal with their parents’ divorces.

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