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Using technology to demystify child support challenges

When parents decide that they no longer wish to parent under the same roof, certain legal decisions must be made. First, issues pertaining to child custody and parenting plans must be sorted out. Once these matters are determined, child support orders are generally made. In most situations, the parent who retains fewer annual days of physical custody with the child is ordered to pay child support. However, significant inequities in parental income combined with unique parental placement arrangements may result in a different outcome.

To divorce or to not divorce, that is the question

January is traditionally a busy month for divorce attorneys. For a variety of reasons, individuals often choose to divorce after the holiday season has passed and the symbolic nature of the new year has taken hold. However, not all couples know for sure that they want their union to end as soon as the clock strikes midnight on January 1. Deciding whether or not to divorce is a deeply personal and often uniquely difficult decision.

Keeping divorce-related costs manageable

Whether your marriage lasted a few months, years or decades, your divorce process may be an expensive one. In certain cases, a relatively expensive divorce is inevitable if a couple chooses to litigate a complex, contested split. In these cases, incurring expenses during the process may serve some truly worthy purpose or may save individuals money down the line. However, most divorces do not need to be overly expensive affairs. Instead, couples can opt to make certain choices that will drive the costs of divorce down and keep them as manageable as possible.

Family law negotiation, optimism helps during Louisiana divorce

Upon thinking of the word "divorce," negative images typically flood the mind of a person in Louisiana. He or she may link divorce to emotional turmoil and financial instability, for example -- especially if the couple did not engage in an amicable family law negotiation in an effort to achieve a mutually favorable outcome. However, amid the difficulties that may accompany these proceedings, divorce may actually have pleasant benefits for the person who has successfully gone through it.

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