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December 2013 Archives

How to have holly jolly holidays with your kids post-divorce

One of the most wonderful things about having children is that they provide a consistent reminder of the fact that no matter how challenging our daily struggles can get, parents always have something to be grateful for if their children are healthy, happy and present. No matter what your child custody arrangements look like, chances are that you would like to find a way to make the holidays special for you and your children. With a little creative forethought, you can make that dream into a reality.

Avoiding common behaviors that could jeopardize your divorce

You and your spouse may have decided to separate due to a myriad of reasons. Perhaps those reasons have left you feeling hurt, angry, confused, fearful, anxious and/or frustrated. It is completely normal for you to experience waves of intense emotion in the wake of a decision to divorce. However, it is important that you deal with these feelings in healthy ways. Failure to do so could cause you to risk the property settlement and/or child custody arrangements that you desire.

Why you should probably avoid hiring an overly-aggressive lawyer

Television and motion pictures frequently cast brash, brusque and aggressive attorneys to argue criminal cases, corporate cases and even divorces. And while an aggressive approach is appropriate in certain contexts, it is very rarely the best approach when parties are trying to resolve family law disputes. Even if your spouse, co-parent or domestic abuser has hired an aggressive attorney, you may not necessarily benefit from doing the same.

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