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August 2013 Archives

Does collaborative divorce make sense for you?

Today in Louisiana, there are many different ways to accomplish getting a divorce. Which method will be the best depends on the specific circumstances of the parties and what their goals are in the divorce process. For those who are focused on ending the marriage and moving forward quickly and without a lot of expense, collaborative divorce has become more popular in recent years.

Divorce settlement paid in pennies makes headlines

A woman's choice of payment method for her $50 divorce settlement made headlines this week after her ex-husband posted a photo of the unusual settlement to a popular online message board. The photo shows three large plastic food containers filled with pennies, along with some rice and beans mixed in for good measure. An accompanying note expresses some lingering hard feelings and instructs the recipient to return the plastic containers to the store to redeem the remaining three dollars that were not paid in pennies.

Don't lose sight of the ultimate goals of a divorce

A judge presiding over a recent phase of a 17-year-old divorce battle recently admonished the parties in court, telling the couple (both law professors) that they were setting a bad example. In this case the divorce process has dragged on much longer than the original 10 year marriage and has involved extensive filings totaling more than 1,400, and is still not resolved.

Is joint custody always in the best interests of the child?

The phrase "best interests of the child" is used a lot in family law. In fact, for many people who have not been through a divorce or custody action, the trope may be all they know about family law. And, while the concept of deciding custody and support issues for the "best interests of the child" seems simple enough, the truth is that there are a lot of complex factors that go in to that evaluation, and the right answers aren't always clear. 

Are more couples going on vacation to save their marriage?

For many couples, the idea of boarding a cruise ship for a weeklong sea voyage, hopping on a plane to an exotic destination or even driving to a mountain retreat for a long weekend sounds like the perfect chance to kick back and forget about their worries. However, for an increasing number of couples these dream vacations are actually being used as opportunities to address their worries, particularly as they relate to their marriage.

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