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Does collaborative divorce make sense for you?

Today in Louisiana, there are many different ways to accomplish getting a divorce. Which method will be the best depends on…

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Divorce settlement paid in pennies makes headlines

A woman’s choice of payment method for her $50 divorce settlement made headlines this week after her ex-husband posted a photo…

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Don’t lose sight of the ultimate goals of a divorce

A judge presiding over a recent phase of a 17-year-old divorce battle recently admonished the parties in court, telling the couple…

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Is joint custody always in the best interests of the child?

The phrase “best interests of the child” is used a lot in family law. In fact, for many people who have…

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Are more couples going on vacation to save their marriage?

For many couples, the idea of boarding a cruise ship for a weeklong sea voyage, hopping on a plane to an…

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