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June 2013 Archives

How property distribution affects buying a new home

For many divorced spouses in Louisiana, one of the most important parts of moving on involves buying a new home. This is a chance to undertake a significant investment, and to define the type of environment in which to begin anew. Swept up in the excitement of house hunting and preparing for a move, many homebuyers are surprised to learn that the details of the property division portion of their divorce can affect their ability to secure a mortgage.

Are fathers' rights protected in Louisiana?

One issue that often proves the subject of much debate when it comes to child custody is fathers' rights. It seems that unwed fathers are at a disadvantage in terms of parental rights. Louisiana residents may be interested to learn that some lawmakers are taking steps to protect fathers' rights for unwed men.

Dividing insurance interests during Louisiana divorce

The process of dissolving a marriage takes time and effort, and many Louisiana spouses are surprised at the sheer volume of decisions that must be made and issues that must be addressed. Dealing with insurance policies is an excellent example of a seemingly small task that can have significant negative consequences if not handled promptly and properly. The following tips are offered in the hope of reminding spouses of the importance of adjusting insurance policies during and after one's divorce.

Dad appears in family court dressed as Nazi; what NOT to do

In family law cases, the image you present to the court matters. Family court judges have a limited amount of time to familiarize themselves with the merits of a case, so any information you introduce into the world of the court can be relevant. That being the case, you not only want to make strong arguments in a custody case or another family law matter, you want to present yourself in a fashion that supports those arguments.

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