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Take care when dividing debts during divorce mediation

Dividing property, deciding custody and determining support issues may be your main concern as you go through the process of going from a married couple to single individuals. These issues do need to be dealt with, and there is often a great deal of advice on how to do that during divorce mediation. However, one important topic that requires just as much attention in your Louisiana divorce is your marital debts.

Don't be too quick to dismiss divorce mediation

Anger, resentment and hurt are often predominant emotions at the end of a marriage. The first instinct of many Louisiana residents is to lash out and want to take the other party to court in order to teach him or her a lesson. Before making that leap, it would be beneficial to consider divorce mediation instead.

What does the best interests of the child mean in Louisiana?

When Louisiana parents decide to end their relationships, they realize that they will need to find a way to continue parenting. This means that child custody arrangements need to be made through either direct negotiations or the court. Regardless of how custody is decided, parents may want to have at least some understanding of what "the best interests of the child" means in Louisiana law.

Do you really need to suffer through a contested divorce?

You and your spouse probably grew tired of arguing and no longer seeing eye-to-eye. You may have fallen out of love and now wish to go your separate ways. The problem is that you and your soon-to-be former spouse are not looking forward to going through a contested divorce. You would rather try to work out your own divorce settlement without having to battle it out in a Louisiana court.

Using divorce mediation to make financial decisions

Dealing with the family finances can become a challenge under the best of circumstances. When a Louisiana couple decides to end their marriage, the situation does not often improve for some time. Deciding what to do about the marital estate and a couple's finances could be done through divorce mediation.

Knowledge is power in an uncontested divorce

In many Louisiana homes, one spouse takes on the responsibility of keeping track of the household finances, assets and liabilities. This may work well during the marriage, but in a divorce, it could put one party at a disadvantage. Gaining an understanding of the marital finances, assets and liabilities could be the push needed to move a potentially contested divorce into an uncontested divorce since both parties have the same information.

Your family is unique and so is your uncontested divorce

Well-meaning family, friends and colleagues may provide you unsolicited advice when you announce that your marriage is ending. Even if they have been through a divorce, that does not mean that what they went through applies to you. Every family is unique, and your uncontested divorce will be the same.

Financial accounts part of property distribution

Over the past decade or so, the average age when a Louisiana couple decides to marry has increased. There are many reasons for this increase in age, including the desire to become established in a career first and the increase in couples who decide to live together first. In addition to the decision to wait longer before tying the knot, fewer couples are deciding to divorce. This increase in age and career growth typically results in greater concerns when it comes to property distribution.

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