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Family law issues include much more than just divorce

Many of the decisions that alter the lives of Louisiana residents surround those they love. Family law issues involve more than just divorce. Any number of disputes or needs that you have regarding your spouse, your children or perhaps other family members could fall under family law.

Prenuptial agreements can make divorce less stressful

For many Louisiana couples planning a marriage, the idea of a future divorce is unthinkable. However, discussing subjects like prenuptial agreements can benefit both partners in the long run. These agreements are designed to help sort out finances and other concerns so that couples do not have to worry about them later.

Family law: Blended families can benefit from estate planning

Families come in all shapes and sizes these days. Those with children from previous marriages are often called "blended" families. It is especially important for those in this situation to think about the future in terms of estate planning because they may have more family members to take into consideration. An experienced family law attorney can help advise Louisiana families regarding the choices available to them.

Property division can cause complications during divorce

Louisiana couples who are contemplating divorce face several challenges. One of those challenges is how to account for property division. This can be especially difficult for couples who own multiple real estate properties. Discussing this topic in advance can help avoid tensions in the future.

Restraining orders offer protection to domestic violence victims

Every day in Louisiana, men, women and children are subjected to violence in the home. Domestic violence is a very real problem, and one that the state takes very seriously, as the long-term damage that results from abuse experienced in the home can be devastating. Those who are victims of domestic violence do have the ability to seek protection by filing for restraining orders.

Restraining orders available for victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence affects numerous families in Louisiana every year. This is an issue that law enforcement officials take very seriously, as the damage this type of behavior causes can be devastating. Victims of domestic violence have the ability to seek restraining orders to help them find relief. If you desire an order of protection, an experienced attorney can help you take the steps necessary to obtain one.

Protecting children from personal disputes after divorce

The first year or so after a divorce may be the most difficult as former partners struggle to maintain a sense of balance and stability for their children while finding their own footing. While communication with an ex-spouse may be emotionally exhausting, it is also crucial to establishing the tone for co-parenting for years to come. Louisiana couples may be unable to avoid disputes as they move past the settlement, but psychologists advise them to be aware of how their actions affect their children.

Disputes may be avoided by talking about money before marriage

The holiday season often brings a feeling of romance, which turns many Louisiana couples to thoughts of engagement and marriage. Soon, the two may begin planning their wedding, reception and honeymoon, interspersed with decisions about where and how they will live. It may seem that discussing finances soon after a proposal is not very romantic, but having a frank conversation now may prevent future disputes over money, the most common cause of divorce.

To simplify property division, separated couples evaluate finances

Often when couples in Louisiana consider divorce, they do not have a clear idea of how drastically their financial situations may change. Along with property division comes the division of debt, and this may take its toll on any savings or plans for the future. The possibility of a couple in a troubled marriage being able to peacefully discuss finances may be slim, but if they take advantage of the separation period to make some decisions, things might go more smoothly during and after the proceedings.

Property division not easy for man with $20 million settlement

There are at least two sides to every divorce. This may be especially true when it comes to property division and determining the status of certain assets. In most cases in Louisiana, marital property includes anything that was acquired while a couple was married. However, sometimes it takes the courts to determine the extent to which that definition reaches.

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