Mediation Puts The Decision-Making In Your Hands

Mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution that offers a tool that can allow you to negotiate a settlement that works for your family while protecting your rights. Families in Louisiana have been able to successfully use it to reach workable, long-term agreements.

As the founder of the Law Office of Laura L. Davenport, I am not only an attorney but also a mediator who has received specific training in conflict resolution.

Divorce Is A Difficult Process, But It Doesn’t Need To Be A Battle

You may be hurt and angry at the end of a marriage, but you still want to do what is right for you and any children you may have. It’s also important to make sure your rights are protected. Mediation lets you accomplish both of these goals. You can find creative solutions to complex problems during divorce with the guidance of a family mediator. The process allows you to make sensible and informed decisions about child custody and visitation issues and helps you untangle your finances during property division.

Once you reach an informed agreement, you can each have your lawyer review it. Mediation puts the important choices in your hands. Another added benefit: Many studies have shown that couples who negotiate their own agreements are more likely to abide by the terms than in cases decided by a judge.

Find Out If Mediation Might Be Right For You

Mediated agreements are often less costly and faster than traditional litigation. If you are considering divorce, think about mediation as an option. Set up a consultation today by calling my Lafayette office at (337) 231-1397 or by sending me a message online.