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Your child custody agreement can create a happy home

Creating a happy and comfortable space for children after a divorce is usually a priority for parents, and yet it can be incredibly difficult to accomplish. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, some Louisiana parents might find success in working together and remaining consistent. These approaches can make adhering to a child custody agreement easier and more fulfilling for both children and parents.

Past research has found that three main factors go into creating a happy home. In order for a home to be happy, it must be a place where a person feels secure, can relax and feel free to simply be oneself. Divorced parents can help foster these factors by creating consistent rules and expectations across both households. This means actively co-parenting with an ex to ensure that children know what is expected of them no matter where they are.

Creating a sense of security involves more than just establishing the same rules. When a child is unsure of his or her changing schedule, it can be difficult to relax or feel certain of the future. A residential calendar can address both of these issues. These calendars contain not just one parent’s information and plans, but both, and are hung up in both parents’ homes. The simple act of giving children access to their plans regardless of where they are is incredibly empowering and can help them feel more secure in themselves and their homes.

Depending a child’s age and maturity, it might also be appropriate to let them have a voice in their new home. For instance, how would they like their room painted? What kind of bedding would they like? Involving them in other areas of the home by asking their input on furniture choices for shared living spaces can also have a positive impact.

Parenting after divorce is often difficult at first, but things can and do get better for most people. Parents in Louisiana can foster a better environment for both themselves and their children by remaining focused on their children’s best interests. This usually involves paying careful attention to child custody matters during divorce.

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