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When your ex won’t let you see or communicate with your kids

Are you a parent? Do you share custody of your children or at least have some type of visitation rights? Is your ex refusing to let you see or communicate with your kids? If so, you may, according to the laws of Louisiana, have the right to take legal action.

Parental alienation is a real problem in Louisiana and elsewhere. It is where the primary custodial parent purposely keeps a child away from the other parent. The goal is to make the child feel that the other parent does not care for him or her.

Parenting time interference

When a custody order is in place and not followed due to the actions and choices of one parent, it is called parenting time interference. Parenting time interference comes in many forms. Some include:

  • Frequently cancelling visitation time
  • Refusing to let child see the other parent without permission
  • Moving the child out of state without permission
  • Flat out denying access to the child

These are all direct forms of interference. There are also indirect forms. These include:

  • Not allowing a child to use electronic devices to communicate with the other parent
  • Asking a child to spy on the other parent
  • Preventing a parent from participating in a child’s extracurricular activities

Both of these lists can go on and on since there are so many ways in which one parent may interfere with the others time with their children.

Victim of parenting time interference

If you are a victim of parenting time interference, you can do something about it. You can take the matter to court. If a judge agrees with you, remedies for the lost time include:

  • Custody order modification
  • Make up time
  • Counseling for the child

In cases of extreme interference, it is possible for the court to order the arrest and incarceration of the offending parent.

You don’t have to put up with it

Losing full access to your children when you got a divorce was hard enough. You should not lose all your time simply because your ex thinks you should. If you have a custody order or visitation rights that are being ignored by your ex, you do not have to put up with it. You can, with the assistance of legal counsel, take the steps necessary regain access to your children and, if required, get them help to overcome parental alienation syndrome.

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