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Ways to stop domestic abuse

Those who live in a relationship where there is domestic violence often feel trapped. In fact, it can seem that there is no way to stop the horror. Despite this fear, in Louisiana and all other states, there are a number of ways to deal with domestic abuse.

An important step to ending domestic violence is to obtain a temporary restraining order or a protective order. This type of legal relief is available in all 50 states and may limit contact, order an abuser to leave a shared premises or prevent him or her from having any legal contact with the victim. In cases where there is documented physical abuse, it may even be possible to receive an emergency protection order. These are given when the abuser is arrested, and are valid for a temporary period of time, giving the victim time to file for a protection order in court, which will be more permanent. The type of order a person needs will depend on his or her situation.

Another step in putting an end to marriage violence is to keep a history of any police reports associated with it. This can be used to get help from various agencies and volunteer organizations. In many areas, both social service agencies and criminal justice departments focus on offering support and protection to domestic abuse victims.

In Louisiana, an experienced family law attorney can help an abuse victim get the legal relief needed. While domestic violence continues to be a significant problem in the United States, laws have changed in recent years to offer more help and support to victims. Anyone who is stuck in an abusive situation can and should seek help. There are ways to stop what is happening, and a family law attorney can help.

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