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Tupac Shakur’s parents in divorce battle before recent death

When affluent couples in Louisiana choose to end their marital unions, various legal challenges often arise. The same can typically be said of many high profile celebrity spouses, or, as in a recent situation, those related to celebrities. This especially holds true when no prenuptial agreement exists before divorce, which allows battles to rage regarding division of assets, who will retain ownership of homes and properties, and whether one spouse should be made to pay alimony to the other.

Superstar rapper Tupac Shakur’s sudden and unresolved death rocked the world in 1996. His mother, Afeni Shakur, was said to be a great inspiration in her son’s music industry work. Reportedly, her net worth was recently listed as more than $50 million.

Approximately two months ago, Shakur, who died of a heart attack on a recent Monday night, filed for divorce from her husband. The couple resided together in North Carolina, a state which determines division of assets, property and other ownership-related matters in divorce according to the circumstances of each individual situation. Apparently, Tupac’s mother was accruing at least $20,000 a month (post expenses) at the time of her death.

The woman’s former husband had submitted a request for $10,000 alimony. He was also fighting to retain ownership of a luxury vehicle, and asked the court to allow him to live on a 50-acre ranch where the couple had resided sometime prior to divorce proceedings. Such situations can be legally complicated. Anyone in Louisiana facing similar high asset divorce issues may want to discuss the matter with an experienced attorney before making any requests of the court.

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