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Things to know about high conflict divorce

When it comes to divorce there can be a lot of issues that turn the proceedings into a high-conflict situation. But many experts in Louisiana likely would agree that the biggest factor that increases the chances of a dissolution becoming toxic is personalities. If one or both parties involved suffer from what psychologists refer to as narcissistic tendencies, there’s a good chance that behaviors will be displayed that pour fuel on the fire and make things more miserable.

Obviously, that’s something that most rationale people would like to avoid. But if you need any further convincing that high conflict divorces are worth steering clear of, read on for some observations that might help sway you.

These represent the opinions of one conflict resolution specialist, but we suspect a lot of professionals with experience dealing with these issues would say they can relate.

  • High conflict divorce can cost more. This should not be surprising to anyone. The least expensive divorces are those that get resolved with as little friction as possible. Typically, mediated or negotiated divorces achieve positive outcomes for less, but both parties need to be willing to cooperate in the effort.
  • High conflict can spawn violence. Again, this should not surprise readers. Tensions can spark anger and violence can result. Complicated and confusing court proceedings have been known to feed anxieties and casualties have resulted in some cases.
  • Patience and persistence are required. One police hostage negotiator says his work and that of divorce mediators are a lot alike. He says the hallmarks that make for good hostage situation resolution include respect for the players and persistence in pursuit of a peaceful ending. The same is needed to avoid conflict in divorce.

In the end, conflict is a matter of personal choice. You avoid it by just saying no and by working with an experienced attorney who can explain your rights and is prepared to protect them.

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