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Technology aims to tie together loose divorced family strings

The pace at which we put our computers to work to help solve the most niggling aspects of our complicated lives is astounding. Even if you are a relative Luddite, chances are you have succumbed in some way to the technological revolution that is going on around us.

It was just over a year ago that we wrote a post about one online service that had recently made it to market. SupportPay was touted as the means through which divorced parents could coordinate all of the various, scattered elements of their child-rearing obligations in one place. Tracking child support payments, child pick-up scheduling, taxes, which parent pays for what could be centralized.

But as we all know, no one size anything fits all. Every Louisiana family is different and no single solution can possibly serve to cover all possible bases. And so it is that in the months since that January 2014 blog, as Forbes recently observed, more apps have captured user’s attention.

SupportPay takes pride of place as the first of five apps listed. It gets recognition for making it easier for unmarried parents to follow child support and other child-related payments and for helping resolve legal conflicts if they surface.

SquareHub is described as a handy coordinating tool for any family. It allows members of a select group to coordinate their calendars, text and share photos. You can see why that would be useful when a lot can depend on the cooperation of extended family.

Wevorce is a service that seems based on the view that divorce can be most effectively achieved by understanding your family’s specific needs and finding the right team of professionals to meet them. By linking couples with the right providers they hopefully will save time and money.

OurFamilyWizard may be the silverback of the bunch, having started in 2001.

And then there’s 2Houses. It’s a Belgium-based firm and its features include everything from shared calendaring, to coordinating on grocery lists to help unmarried couples co-parent.

Technology is an amazing thing. It serves its highest purpose when it helps people relate more productively with each other. And to effectively deal with the legal aspects of such personal issues as divorce, that human touch is critical.

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