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Restraining orders available for victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence affects numerous families in Louisiana every year. This is an issue that law enforcement officials take very seriously, as the damage this type of behavior causes can be devastating. Victims of domestic violence have the ability to seek restraining orders to help them find relief. If you desire an order of protection, an experienced attorney can help you take the steps necessary to obtain one.

Restraining orders, also referred to as protective orders, can only be obtained by filing a petition in court. If approved, an alleged abuser will be legally unable to contact or come within a certain distance of the petitioner. Abusers who violate the terms of restraining orders may face criminal charges.

Orders of protection, once granted, are only good for a set period of time. Once an order has expired, it will be necessary for the victim to petition the court if a restraining order is still desired. To learn more about protective orders, how they work, how to obtain one and how and attorney can help you, please visit our firm’s website.

Restraining orders have been made available for good reason. They allow victims of abuse the ability to seek help and escape damaging situations. Obtaining an order of protection is not always easy, though, as there are always at least two sides to the story — and both parties have the right to be heard in court. A family law attorney can assist victims of domestic violence in Louisiana with filing the appropriate motions in court, fighting for the desired protections and handling any other family law issues — such as custody and support — that may also need to be addressed.

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