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Parents advised to avoid child custody conflicts after divorce

Louisiana parents who end their marriages often face continued legal battles afterwards. Unfortunately, such battles often involve issues regarding their children, such as child custody or visitation agreements. In order to help children adjust to new family lifestyles after divorce, many family advisers say it is crucial for parents to avoid conflict, especially in front of their children.

It can be very difficult to maintain an amicable relationship with a former spouse who refuses to cooperate regarding the upbringing and raising of children following divorce. A parent facing such difficulty may find it helpful to retain legal representation in the matter. Experienced family law attorneys are often skilled negotiators who can help a concerned parent obtain a peaceable resolution to legal problems surrounding parenting issues after divorce.

Parents are advised to maintain healthy interaction for the sakes of the children. This becomes difficult if a parent is prone to complaining about a former spouse in front of a son or daughter. Also, studies suggest it helps children adjust if each parent encourages children to spend time with the other without expressing jealousy or anger.

Due to any number of extenuating circumstances, it is often difficult to create an ideal parenting situation after divorce. Personal emotions often get in the way when attempting to solve child custody issues or other family matters that pertain to children. In Louisiana, a concerned parent may contact an attorney to help overcome any legal challenges that have arisen in the process. An experienced attorney will know how to address the situation in a way that protects a parent’s rights while keeping children’s best interests at heart.

Source:, “How to make your children feel comfortable around both parents after divorce“, Megan McNulty, May 22, 2016

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