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Louisiana child support guidelines may vary from other states

It is not uncommon for those who divorce in Louisiana to worry about facing further legal challenges regarding issues that pertain to the care and upbringing of their children. Matters such as child custody, child support and visitation can cause both parents and children to undergo some difficult lifestyle changes that may affect finances, schedules and other daily life experiences. Avoiding contentious debates and protecting a child’s best interests is often made easier through effective legal representation.

At the Law Office of Laura L. Davenport, we represent clients seeking trusted legal advice in a wide variety of family law issues. It has often proved beneficial to take a proactive stance when facing continued legal challenges after divorce. Child support guidelines vary by state; in Louisiana, the court takes the incomes of both parents into consideration when making such decisions. Typically, each parent is required to pay a certain percentage toward a combined amount, as determined by the court.

Every situation is different, and it is often helpful to retain sound legal counsel in order to obtain a positive resolution in a swift and economically feasible fashion. Various other issues often surface during the legal process surrounding child custody. Along with support and visitation, matters of paternity or fathers’ rights may also be addressed. The Law Office of Laura L. Davenport has successfully guided many fathers through the process of protecting their rights and seeking fair and just solutions to post divorce problems.

By arranging a consultation, we can review your situation and help you determine the best course of action to develop a plan that keeps your children’s best interests at heart and explores all options for achieving your immediate and long-term legal goals. Our clear understanding of family law matters in Louisiana enables us to act on your behalf as the court determines how much child support will be paid and what your parenting plan will look like. Your current legal problems are our priority, and we are committed to helping you overcome all obstacles in court.

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