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Finding relief from physical abuse with a protective order

Not all relationships turn out the way a Louisiana couple imagines in the beginning. Your relationship may have failed to meet your expectations. You may have realized too late that your significant other has a temper that can turn into physical abuse. If that is the case, you may wonder how to seek a protective order and what it can do for you.

Without a doubt, leaving an abusive relationship takes courage, but it also takes planning. Part of your plan may include seeking a protective order. Such an order would restrict the other party from taking numerous actions against you such as harming or threatening you and your family. The other party will more than likely not be able to come within a certain distance of you or go to certain places where you frequent such as your home, work or school.

A temporary restraining order can be issued when you apply for a protective order. Once the court issues the TRO and all of the proper administrative steps are taken, the other party will be served with it, along with a date and time for a hearing to determine whether the TRO should be extended up to 18 months. Each of you will have the opportunity to provide the court with evidence and testimony regarding your situation.

Understanding your rights as someone who is the victim of physical abuse may require a consultation with a Louisiana family law attorney. Once you are aware of your rights and the legal options available to you, you may find some peace of mind that you will be free from the fear of further abuse. After you (and your family members, including children) are safe, you can discuss the next steps to separate yourself from the other party.

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