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Examining some of the risk factors for divorce

When the difficult decision to divorce is made, there is a very good chance that both spouses will spend some time pondering how it was that they came to join the ranks of the 50 percent of U.S. couples whose marriages ultimately break up.

While such exercises are often futile given that there is typically no single reason for a couple’s divorce and even counterproductive as it can create more emotional difficulty, the fact remains that researchers have identified certain risk factors.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at two of these risk factors.


There’s no question that the loss of a job can place tremendous stress on a marriage. That’s because couples, especially those with children, will be forced to endure both the stress and ambiguity related to everything from paying the bills to their long-term financial health.

Interestingly enough, however, experts have found that it’s not just losing a job that can cause tension in a marriage, but also securing a new job. That’s because this new job can introduce all types of variables from new schedules to money concerns.


While the overwhelming majority of parents would list their children as their number one priority and biggest joy in life, the fact remains that they can put stress on a marriage — especially in the early stages of childhood.

Indeed, a study in the Journal of Family Psychology determined that as many as 67 percent of surveyed couples reported a decline in marital satisfaction within the first three years of their child’s birth.

Why then does having children put so much strain on a marriage?

The simple answer is that it will not only cause a dramatic shift in their responsibilities, but also mean more time spent away from one another and, of course, more anxiety.

While it’s certainly interesting to explore some of the risk factors for divorce, these are actually of little consequence in the long run. What really matters is that a person has a clear understanding of the road ahead.

That’s why it so imperative for anyone seriously contemplating a divorce to consider speaking with an experienced legal professional who can answer their questions, outline all of their options and, most importantly, work toward viable solutions.

Source: Fox News Health, “7 life events that can lead to divorce,” Amanda Macmillan, March 26, 2015

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