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Domestic abuse reports drop during holidays

The common assumption is that domestic violence rises during the holidays. When the whole family is together, the closeness and commotion may wear on raw nerves. It has been reported that people drinking to excess and feeling the stress or disappointment of the day raises emotions and tempers. However, while there are certainly incidents of abuse in Louisiana and elsewhere, studies show that these perceptions are not necessarily true.

In fact, the rise in domestic violence does not actually occur until after the holidays, according to studies. The National Domestic Violence Hotline typically sees up to 53 percent fewer calls for assistance on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Some who work with victims of domestic violence believe that abusers may be on their best behavior for the sake of the family on those special days. It could also be that victims simply do not report abuse on those days unless it is a matter of life and death.

After the holidays end and January rent comes due, reports of violence tend to surge. The beginning of the new year may bring new frustrations. People realize they have overspent or their taxes are due, and this may cause tension.

No matter what time of year it is, no excuse is good enough to justify domestic violence. No person in Louisiana or any state should suffer abuse from a family member. There are methods of gaining safety, such as protective orders and restraining orders. In cases of domestic violence, sometimes time is of the essence. Having an attorney to assist is what brings many people to a place of safety and peace of mind.

Source:, “Domestic violence doesn’t pick a holiday”, Esmi Careaga, Dec. 9, 2016

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