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Do you really need to suffer through a contested divorce?

You and your spouse probably grew tired of arguing and no longer seeing eye-to-eye. You may have fallen out of love and now wish to go your separate ways. The problem is that you and your soon-to-be former spouse are not looking forward to going through a contested divorce. You would rather try to work out your own divorce settlement without having to battle it out in a Louisiana court.

Fortunately, you do not have to go through that. You and your spouse may retain control of how your agreement is structured. Using an alternative method of resolving your disputes such as divorce mediation could be the answer you are looking for in order to make your experience less contentious.

You could meet with your attorneys and a mediator to negotiate your settlement during the six months (or one year if you have minor children) that you and your spouse must live separately prior to filing for divorce. You can tackle issues such as property division, child support and custody and spousal support, along with any other issues the two of you may have. By the time you are able to file for divorce, your settlement could be complete and only require the approval of the court.

Nearly every Louisiana couple can avoid a contested divorce if they choose to do so. Medication could provide a better way to settle your differences and save time and money. Even after making compromises, you both could walk away with an agreement that satisfies you both and provides each of you with some security as you move into the future.

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