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Collaborative divorce can help couples talk through issues

Numerous Louisiana couples have used divorce mediation to get through the divorce process without relying on the court to make decisions on their behalf. In recent years, another alternative method to help couples talk through issues in their divorces is collaborative divorce. This approach to divorce has gained popularity in recent years due to its philosophy of fostering amicable negotiations that lead to a satisfactory settlement.

This may sound like divorce mediation, but collaborative divorce places certain restrictions on the participants. Each party and their respective attorneys sign an agreement to work together in good faith and to be as transparent as possible. It also requires the parties to seek different divorce counsel if they decide that the negotiations are not going anywhere.

This strict requirement may make some Louisiana couples nervous. This pressure may push some couples to hammer out a settlement so they do not have to start over, but for other couples, the pressure is too much. They may want to work out their issues without a contentious court battle, but they may want the option should it become necessary. In this case, divorce mediation may be the better avenue.

In an age of divorce selfies and “conscious uncoupling” (made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow), it may seem unlikely that couples going through collaborative divorce would not find some way to talk through issues and reach a settlement. However, many still want the safety net that divorce mediation can provide. If an issue simply cannot be resolved at the negotiation table, they want to be able to have a judge step in and make a decision for them.

Source: HuffPost, “Why Collaborative Divorce is a Route Worth Considering“, Nikki Martinez, Oct. 1, 2017

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