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Why having more money might lead to more divorce

Living through poor economic times can be tough. Incomes usually stagnate, jobs become scarce and Louisiana couples may have to face a growing number of financial problems in their marriages. Since money is a major cause of marital stress, some might think that the divorce rate will increase as the economy heads south. In reality, the opposite is usually true.

Should you count on that child support?

Getting a divorce as a parent can be overwhelming, especially for Louisiana parents who end up with primary custody of their children. Raising children on a single income is certainly a difficult task. Many of these parents rely on child support payments from their ex-spouses to make up any shortfalls in their children's financial security. Unfortunately, that child support does not always come through.

Don't let child support fears hold you back from divorce

Filing for a divorce is not a decision that many Louisiana parents take lightly. Even when in an unhappy marriage, parents often worry about how much time they will still have with their children and whether they can still provide the necessary financial support. Financial worries are understandable, but demystifying certain aspects of child support might be helpful for some.

Mother secures $150,000 in back child support

Raising a child after divorce can be expensive. Handling expenses like school supplies, health insurance, extracurricular activities and more is often difficult when income is cut in half or otherwise less than what it used to be. This is why child support is so important for a child's financial security, but not all parents in Louisiana take the responsibility of paying as seriously as they should.

Judge orders father to pay $150,000 for unpaid child support

Raising children can be fulfilling, but it can also be incredibly expensive. After a divorce or in the case of unmarried parents, child support should help parents who have primary custody of their children cover the daily expenses of living. Unfortunately, many parents who are ordered to pay support end up shirking their court-ordered responsibilities. While this is extremely frustrating, Louisiana parents can generally seek back child support.

Child support, more in Anna Faris & Chris Pratt's settlement

Celebrity couples usually are not help up as good examples of how to handle a divorce in Louisiana, but a recent split between acting duo Chris Pratt and Anna Faris might be an exception. The couple took a collaborative approach to settling difficult family law issues, such as child support and alimony. Their divorce was recently finalized less than a year after the initial filing.

Angelina Jolie goes after Brad Pitt for child support

Movie fans often idolize celebrity actors and actresses, but they do not have all the answers to life's big issues. Most still struggle with the same issues that people in Louisiana face, even if on a slightly larger scale. Tension over child support, custody and asset division are still common features of celebrity divorces.

You could encounter some issues regarding child support

Raising kids here in Louisiana or elsewhere can be challenging enough for two-parent households these days, and even more challenging for one-parent households. If you have children and your relationship with the other parent ends, you face working out child custody and child support arrangements. As you move through the process of establishing child support, you may encounter one or more of the following issues.

What does Louisiana say about child support?

Most Louisiana parents know that they must support their children financially at least until they reach the age of 18. This child support requirement remains whether the parents are married, divorced or separated. Even if the parents were unmarried, the state expects each parent to provide financially for the children.

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