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Can fathers go to court for full custody and actually win?

Fathers going through the divorce process often feel like the courts favor the mothers, resulting in custody orders that are not fair or balanced. Through the years, many courts have developed an understanding of how the children benefit when allowed to have strong relationships with both parents, and now it is easier to secure joint custody. However, there are times when it may be necessary for a father to pursue full custody of his children.

If you think you will want to fight for full custody of your children, you may know you have a battle ahead of you. Despite the fact that Louisiana family law courts are fairer toward fathers now, it is still not easy for a dad to seek primary custody and win. Before you forge ahead with your fight, it may be helpful to understand the basics of how custody works and what you can do to protect your kids’ well-being.

Do you want full or joint custody?

You may believe you want full custody, but in reality, what may work best is a joint custody arrangement that allows your children to have access to both parents on a regular basis. Courts may be reluctant to give one parent full or sole custody when there is no legitimate reason why parents should not share custody. Consider the following custody information:

  • Full or sole custody gives one parent both legal custody and physical custody. This parent will have the right to make important decisions for the children and will have the majority of parenting time.
  • In joint custody arrangements, parents will typically share legal custody, which is decision-making authority for the children as well as parenting time.

In some situations, it may be appropriate to seek full or sole custody or your children. However, it is always prudent to consider what will be best for the kids above all else, even your temporary emotions. The ultimate goal of any custody order is to provide the kids with continuity of lifestyle, emotional security and stability for years to come.

Learn about your options first

It is not always easy to navigate issues related to child custody. Before you agree to anything or start the process, you may want to learn more about all of the legal options available to you. An experienced Louisiana family law attorney can review your case and help you understand the best way forward.

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