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Attention dads: Keep these issues in mind if you divorce

Fatherhood may be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life and also one of your greatest challenges. If you were to say you have good and bad days as a dad, most Louisiana fathers would be able to relate. When you divorced, those challenges may have suddenly seemed intensified. While you're confident that you made the right decision to end your marriage, it's only natural that you worry about the impact it has and will have on your kids as you move forward in life.  

When should I get a protective order?

Dealing with a potentially dangerous and violent person can be an emotionally overwhelming for which few people in Louisiana feel prepared. It may seem as if there is little help out there, leaving you unsure of where to turn. If you have reached the point of fearing for your own safety or the safety of your children, a protective order may be the most appropriate course of action to take.

Some women may be surprised in divorce property distribution

Financial surprises are common in divorces. Women who are not fully aware of their marital assets, liabilities and other financial details may find themselves in a bind during this process. Prior to entering any property distribution discussions, it is a good idea for Louisiana women to consider whether they may encounter one of the common financial surprises.

How Louisiana family law divides marital debt

In 2016 alone, 827,261 people across the United States divorced, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While many people are concerned about dividing assets during a divorce, debt and liabilities can add a host of other family legal issues to consider. Louisiana couples with debt should take steps to find out what happens to their personal loans or liabilities under state family law.

Children's issues during divorce can go beyond child custody

Having parents break up can be stressful for a child. While sometimes a divorce is the best decision for a family, children could still struggle to adjust following parents' decisions to split. While issues like child custody and support may seem simply legal, the emotional, psychological and social implication of co-parenting and divorce should be understood by divorcing parents in Louisiana.

Communication and divorce mediation can make divorce easier

It can be difficult to communicate with a soon-to-be-ex spouse, as divorces can illicit many feelings of pain and resentment. Despite the challenges, Louisiana families who are able to communicate enough to settle a divorce mediation and continue co-parenting effectively can end up with a much easier and less expensive break up. Here are some of the reasons it may be worth trying to communicate effectively during a divorce.

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