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Are you the subject of parental alienation?

Divorce is often a difficult and destructive time for families. Emotions run high, and both spouses may feel a sense of betrayal. If you are in such a situation, you may feel yourself overcome with anger and resentment. Chances are your spouse is feeling the same.

Louisiana Senate reviews family law concerns regarding the age to marry

The laws surrounding marriage and divorce are frequently discussed by lawmakers. Louisiana is now broaching a family law issue regarding the age in which people can lawfully enter into a marriage. Currently, the state grants minors licenses to marry under the age of 18 provided they meet legal conditions.

Senate passes law aimed at protecting domestic violence victims

For those in violent or abusive marriages, the presence of weapons in the home can pose a serious danger. Louisiana lawmakers recently addressed this serious safety issue by presenting new gun control legislation aimed at protecting domestic violence victims. The legislation, which has been passed by the Senate and is now being reviewed by the House, would prevent people who have been targeted with a restraining order from obtaining a firearm. It also would increase the penalty for those who violate a protective order by possessing firearms.

Property distribution and debt distribution in divorce

When people discuss separation agreements, the division of assets is often a hot topic. But what about the division of liabilities, such as shared debt? It is a good idea for Louisiana couples to be familiar with the state laws that govern marital debt and property distribution before going forward with a divorce. 

How can I establish paternity so I can seek custody of my kids?

You and your significant other decided to call it quits. You learned after the fact that she was pregnant, had the baby and failed to put you on the birth certificate. Now you have a child but have no rights to him or her. This leaves you wondering what the state of Louisiana requires you to do in order to establish paternity so that you can seek custody of your child.

Child custody and paternity rights questioned in unusual case

Precedents set by unique legal scenarios often change the way future cases are considered by judges. In Louisiana, a complicated child custody case is raising questions about how paternity is treated in the case of a child conceived through a sperm donor. The man, who is listed on the child's birth certificate, is fighting to be recognized as the father of his ex-girlfriend's child.

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