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Criminal charges can result from violating a child custody ruling

When a family court renders a decision about where a child must live, it is very important that both parents follow this decision. In fact, ignoring court-ordered child custody is a criminal offence. Parishes across Louisiana get many calls each year about this issue, and police often need to get involved.

Engaged couples should talk through issues to avoid divorce drama

Engagements are exciting occasions, and many may think that discussing the possibility of divorce at this time will take away from the romance or hopes for the future. However, Louisiana couples can protect themselves from a great deal of financial and emotional difficulty should the marriage not work out by having conversations early. This kind of planning and negotiation when things are going well can make it easier to talk through issues should things go wrong later on.

How to handle pet custody through divorce mediation

While child custody is commonly discussed in family law, one issue that gets less coverage is custody of pets. However, this issue comes up in many divorce cases across Louisiana and the United States. Through divorce mediation, these issues can often result in joint custody agreements, financial support agreements for vet bills and other negotiated settlements.

My ex believes child support and custody to be intertwined

You and your wife decided to end your marriage. You went through the divorce process, reaching a settlement on your assets, children and financial support obligations. You've been meeting your end of the deal and supplying the court ordered amount in child support, until now. You've experienced a change in circumstances and can no longer afford to keep paying so much. Your ex believes that support and custody are intertwined and is now refusing to let you see your kids. What can you do?

Common misconceptions about domestic abuse

Domestic violence is often misunderstood by both those inside and outside of abusive relationships. Those facing abuse at home in Louisiana may struggle not only with the issue they are facing at home, but the many misconceptions held by those around them. Here are a few of the common myths about domestic violence.

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