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You shouldn't have to fear physical abuse in your own home

The tragic truth is that many Louisiana residents live in fear, and the danger comes from within their own homes. Your home should be the one place where you feel safe, but not everyone has that luxury. Instead, they suffer emotional and physical abuse from someone that should protect and love them.

Some things are negotiable, others are not, re child support

Do you consider yourself a diplomatic type of person who is usually able to amicably resolve differences in a fair and agreeable manner? If so, those attributes likely came in handy during your divorce proceedings, especially when it came time to negotiate a new parenting plan. You always were one who was willing to compromise and cooperate; however, marriages and parenting typically include two people, and if your former spouse was more on the selfish side, then problems may not always have been easily solved.

Which parent serves the best interests of the child?

Louisiana courts ask that question often in child custody cases. Even though courts tend to favor shared custody more often these days, when it appears that option will not serve the best interests of the child, the court will work to determine who the primary custodial parent becomes. If you and the other parent fall into this category, and you are seeking sole custody of your child, you may find yourself having to prove you are worthy of the role.

Some look for a leg up in a contested divorce, no matter the cost

Not every Louisiana couple ending their marriage can do so amicably. In some cases, the circumstances simply do not allow for niceties. Instead, each party prepares for a contested divorce. Some will go to any nearly any length to "get a leg up" on the other party in court regardless of the potential cost.

Upcoming tax changes re spousal support are causing a panic

Louisiana residents who are contemplating divorce sometime in the next year have a new concern. The way that spousal support is treated by the IRS is going to change, and some people are already in a panic. Under the new law, those who make these payments will no longer be able to deduct them on their income taxes, which many fear means that recipients will not receive as much support as was previously awarded under the prior tax structure.

Is one of your New Year's resolutions an uncontested divorce?

When a new year begins, many Louisiana residents take stock of their lives. In doing so, some will determine that their marriages need to end, particularly if they had not already made that decision before the holidays, but wanted to delay so as not to mar the season for children and other family members. Now that the holidays are over, couples may be ready to take the next step, and many may be hoping for an uncontested divorce.

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