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November 2017 Archives

When an uncontested divorce can create a financial nightmare

For most Louisiana residents, there is no way around losing financial ground when ending a marriage. The prospect of supporting two households with the same resources that used to support one is often daunting, which leads many couples to try to get through an uncontested divorce on their own. The problem is that if certain aspects of the divorce are not handled properly, it could cause a financial nightmare for the parties.

One of the tradeoffs for paying spousal support may disappear

There is no way around the fact that money is a part of every divorce whether it happens here in Louisiana or elsewhere. One of the financial issues that arises in many divorces is spousal support. Even when the paying spouse agrees that it is a necessity for the other, it may not exactly be pleasant to watch that money leave the bank account. Many who make these payments consider the right to deduct them at tax time as a consolation prize of sorts, but that benefit may go away.

Brendan Fraser's spousal support problem

Sometimes there is no way out of paying alimony to a former spouse. While it certainly is not awarded in every divorce case in Louisiana and elsewhere, there are some instances when spousal support simply cannot be avoided. For the breadwinning spouse, this may be a tough pill to swallow, especially if the amount of support awarded and the duration of support seem unfair or unrealistic to maintain. This seems to be the case for actor Brendan Fraser.

Fatherhood should not decrease your child custody chances

When you first looked upon your firstborn child in a Louisiana hospital delivery room, you likely had similar mixed emotions as many other fathers who have been where you were in that moment. You may have experienced everything from wonder, joy, excitement and amazement to utter fear, stress and worry before your son or daughter completed his or her first breaths. As time went on and another child or two joined your family, you finally began to feel comfortable wearing the shoes of fatherhood, that is, until you divorced.

There is more to domestic violence than physical abuse

October was domestic violence awareness month. Even though the month has come to a close, this column would like to touch on the different types of domestic violence that may be present in any marriage or relationship. While most people in Louisiana may tend to think that domestic violence is all about physical abuse, this simply is not the case.

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