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September 2016 Archives

Child custody cases involving abuse are challenging

According to a recent study by the American Bar Association, children may be an unwitting tool an abuser uses to control his or her spouse. This kind of manipulation is one reason why child custody cases involving domestic violence may be difficult for courts in Louisiana and across the country to decide. According to child advocates, it may also be one reason why some children struggle emotionally even into adulthood.

Procedural flaws can lead to unfair support conditions

When we are children, a lot of emphasis is put on what's fair. Even a pick-up game of basketball on a neighborhood court in Lafayette comes with an expectation that the basic rules of the game are in force. The understanding is so clear that whistles are needed.

Fathers Play a Crucial Role in the Development of Their Children

Parenting is a difficult job, often stretching people to the extremes even when both parents are actively involved in the home. But if you are a divorced mother and you find yourself juggling the rigors of raising your children, meeting the demands of your career and other things vying for your attention, parenting can often stretch you beyond reasonable boundaries.

Among ways to end spousal disputes, crime is not advised

Paul Simon sings about how there must be 50 ways to leave your lover. There are a lot of them, to be sure. Bank robbery probably is not on very many people's lists. In Louisiana, the remedy for legally cutting ties with a spouse or dealing with some other domestic issue is through the family law courts. And consulting with a skilled lawyer about possible options is always advised before taking any action.

Easing awkward 'back to school' situations after divorce

The school year is once again underway. This year could be tougher than others for students in Lafayette Parish. For awhile, the flood situation in the region raised questions about whether doors would be open, but things appear to be on track with more than 95 percent of students having reported for classes as they resumed last week.

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