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July 2016 Archives

How do I deal with an ex with mental health issues?

The spectrum of mental health problems that can contribute to conflict in a Louisiana marriage and divorce is broad. These issues can't be ignored, but they can be difficult to deal with if you don't have a clear understanding of what the problems might be and a clear strategy for responding.

Breaking out of abusive relationships may not be easy

"Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes." That's an old maxim most readers in Louisiana have likely heard at one time or another. As the website Grammarist.com points out, the moral behind the statement is that it's important to have empathy for others.

Mindful parenting during divorce may ease things for children

Being mindful is something we probably have all been urged to practice at some point or other in our lives. How many of us in Louisiana can think back to when we were told to, "Mind your Ps and Qs." Those were words usually offered as a warning about behaving, but the idea of taking a mindful approach to life is something that has taken on new meaning in recent years.

Child support is meant to be fair, but in child's best interest

Child support payments can wind up being the source of a lot of long-term wrangling in matters of Louisiana family law. We touched on this a bit in a previous post, highlighting that the process of establishing appropriate child support is driven by the desire to make sure the best interests of the child are being met.

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