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July 2015 Archives

Can the other parent move away with my child?

Life is full of changes. People get new jobs, new relationships and new ideas for their futures. Many of these changes require moving from one state to another; however, when child custody orders are in place, there are limits on what parents can do without permission from the other parent and/or the court.

Twins with 2 dads shows paternity testing's value

There are many variations on the theme of family these days. About the only thing that remains traditional about the process of creating a family is the fact that it requires the egg of a woman and the sperm of a man to get things going. Beyond that the door is wide open. Egg and sperm may get together in the bottom of a Petri dish. The zygote may be implanted in a womb, but not necessarily that of the woman who provided the egg.

Handling division of debts in divorce: work with experienced advocate

When people think of divorce as it is portrayed in the media, there is a tendency to think about how much money or property each party will be getting as part of the divorce settlement or order. This is natural, because people are fascinated by the sheer amount of money involved when the rich and famous end their marriages.

Positive answers to common co-parenting questions

If asked about your concerns related to co-parenting, you may respond, “Where do I start?” Co-parenting is often a complex and challenging venture. Thankfully, many individuals have successfully navigated their own co-parenting relationships and may be able to provide you with positive and affirming answers to many of your most pressing concerns.

If you and your fiancee or spouse want to avoid divorce

If you are either happily engaged or married, you may be surprised at how often you worry about the possibility of divorce. This is a normal concern. No matter how wonderful things may be now, the unexpected may lead you and your romantic partner to grow apart. However, the fact that this worry is normal does not make it easy to stomach. Thankfully, there are things you can do to ease your concerns.

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