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May 2015 Archives

How financial 'cheating' may affect a divorce process - Part II

During our last post, we began a discussion about the concept of financial cheating and the ways this behavior may influence one’s divorce process. We asked readers to think of financial cheating as “any time you have lied to your spouse about any significant financial matter or any time you have hidden a significant financial matter from your spouse. It goes without saying that if your spouse has hidden or lied about any significant financial matter that this behavior can be considered financial cheating as well,” for the purposes of this discussion.

How financial 'cheating' may affect a divorce process - Part I

It is a well-known fact that finances tend to cause tension between American spouses. Oftentimes, disagreements about finances can lead to divorce. While marital disagreements about money may stay largely hidden from public view, the divorce process compels spouses to lay their financial realities out on the table. When instances of financial “cheating” come to light, they may ultimately end up influencing the divorce process in significant ways.

Single parents: It is okay to admit that you are imperfect

The American experience tends to be hectic. In popular culture, much emphasis is placed on the concept of “having it all.” Educators, entertainers and advertisers seem to consistently praise the virtues of working hard, playing hard and resting well. There are few individuals who can pull off this delicate balance. And if you are a single parent with babies, young kids or teens, such a balance can prove truly impossible to achieve.

When is a marriage 'absolutely null' or 'relatively null'? p2

We are talking about how Louisiana law treats marriages that for one reason or another should not have taken place. Remember, a valid marriage requires the man and woman to consent to the marriage contract and to participate in a legitimate marriage ceremony. In addition, there cannot be a legal impediment to the marriage.

Marriage Is A Contract That Creates Community Property

Under Louisiana law, LA-R.S. 9:237, when domestic partners marry, any property owned by the individual parties will become subject to the state's community property laws, unless the couple signs a prenuptial agreement or post-nuptial (after date of marriage) specifying which property will remain separate and in the control of the individual spouse. Even a prenuptial agreement, however, may not prevent the property as being classified as community property if the spouses commingle (join) the assets and realize a gain on their investment or take on increased debt as a result.

What your divorced friends might tell you about divorce

When Americans reach certain life milestones, they tend to either receive books related to those milestones as gifts or they search out books related to their situations. For example, when couples opt to marry or when they find themselves expecting a child, they tend to gravitate towards the “weddings” and “parenting” sections of libraries and local book stores. This trend is both normal and healthy, as it makes perfect sense that individuals would seek counsel from authors on subjects they themselves are currently navigating.

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