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April 2015 Archives

The wisdom that the divorce process may inspire

If you are weathering the challenges of the divorce process, you may understandably have trouble viewing the glass as half-full. Negotiating or litigating a divorce settlement and/or child custody matters can be a draining experience. In addition, you may be experiencing financial challenges related to splitting up your household. Finally, you are likely experiencing a host of challenging emotions related to your divorce.

If you may lose your marital home due to divorce

It may indeed be true that home is where the heart is. Perhaps your heart resides squarely in the home that you and your spouse have resided in over the course of your marriage. If financial necessity, procedural necessity or a fundamental disagreement as to which spouse should remain in the house after your divorce is threatening your ability to reside in that home, you may understandably feel frightened, frustrated or even devastated.

What kids and teens want co-parents to understand

Not so long ago, there was a cultural norm that insisted children should be seen and not heard. Thankfully, American culture has generally moved past this outdated approach to raising children. However, simply because children and teens are often encouraged to speak up and to express themselves does not mean that adults always understand what children and teens are feeling. As young people are still developing emotionally, it is not always easy for them to express deep, complicated feelings and thoughts.

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