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January 2015 Archives

How your family law dispute could be affected by online pictures

Posting pictures online and sending pictures via email is now a ubiquitous practice. Posting and transmitting pictures via the Internet is convenient and allows others instant access to visual information about an individual's life. When you post a picture online, that picture says something about who you are, what interests you and what you value. As a result, it is critically important that you think twice about posting any pictures online that could potentially impact your family law dispute in negative ways.

Understanding the concept of annulment

At its most basic, the institution of marriage is a legal contract between two individuals. As a result, certain principles of contract law at its broadest apply to marriage contracts. For example, when contracts of any kind are executed, they generally must be fair, legal and consented to by two parties who have the authority to enter into such contracts. If any of these broad principles is violated, it is possible that the contract will be deemed unenforceable by the courts.

Understanding the basics of financial affidavits

When you file for divorce, you generally have the authority to choose the kind of approach you want to take in regards to your divorce process. If you and your spouse do not fundamentally disagree on matters of property division or child custody, you may be able to choose an inexpensive, straightforward, uncontested process. If you fundamentally disagree on important matters, you may be compelled to litigate your divorce. If you only have a few disagreements, you may be able to mediate or otherwise negotiate the majority of your divorce.

Divorcing? Consider these New Year's resolutions

As you may or may not know, January is the most popular month for couples in America to file for divorce. There are any number of reasons why individuals opt to divorce in January. Some couples wish to wait to file until after the holiday season is complete. Others view the new year as a time to commit to greater health and happiness. For better and for worse, sometimes greater health and happiness are best achieved by moving on from a committed relationship.

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