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Divorcing? Don't hit your emotional off-switch, please

You and your spouse have decided to divorce. Are you overwhelmed by your emotions? Chances are that you are indeed overwhelmed. But because the world does not stop when you decide to divorce, you are likely stuffing your emotions down as best you can in order to keep getting to work on time, keep getting the kids off to school and keep yourself fed, watered and entertained.

Reacting to your spouse's desire for a divorce

Earlier this month, we wrote about the importance of behaving in a straightforward and consistent manner when telling your spouse that you want a divorce. But what if you do not want a divorce? What if you are grappling with the frustrating and deeply sad reality that your spouse wants a divorce? It is important that you take certain steps in reaction to this news, even if you are so stunned and overwhelmed that your feet seem to be rooted to the floor.

Telling your spouse that you wish to file for divorce

If you have decided that you want to file for divorce, you have made a life-altering choice. It was likely not easy to make this decision, unless some significant event occurred that fundamentally conflicts with your values. But whether or not the decision to divorce was a straightforward one to make for you, you are likely grappling with a host of negative emotions. It is important not to let these emotions take control while you are telling your spouse that you want a divorce.

When your child's other parent leaves

Sometimes when couples divorce, the process is amicable and each former partner is able to remain a healthy and stable part of their mutual child’s life. However, this scenario is not one that is played out in every family. Some former spouses bitterly dispute their child custody arrangements because each desperately wants primary or sole custody of their children. Still other families are split in ways that leave one parent in sole custody of a child not by choice but because the child’s other parent has left.

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