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April 2014 Archives

When your co-parent insists on being combative

Co-parenting can be extremely challenging even when both parents have an amicable relationship with one another. However, if your child’s other parent insists on being combative in regards to child support, your child custody arrangements or parenting in general, co-parenting can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Divorcing? Start thinking now about next year's tax season

Tax season is finally over. But for those couples currently weathering divorce, next year’s tax season may already be a pressing issue. Post-divorce taxes can be unquestionably tricky. In addition, the tax liabilities resulting from certain approaches to property division may affect you for years to come.

Is conscious uncoupling a valuable concept?

A great deal of media attention has been focused around the concept of “conscious uncoupling” in recent weeks. This phrase seemed to become ubiquitous on television and on the Internet after Gwyneth Paltrow used it to describe her split from Coldplay musician Chris Martin. Many individuals have responded negatively to this phrase and to Paltrow’s announcement for a number of reasons. However, it is worth asking whether the concept of conscious uncoupling itself holds any value for individuals considering or facing separation or divorce.

Recommendations for productive co-parenting relationships

If you are newly separated and even if you have been divorced for some time, you may be finding it difficult to communicate civilly and productively with your child’s other parent. Regardless of what your child custody arrangements look like, you and your co-parent will almost certainly be compelled to communicate regularly, provided that you have both elected to remain active in your child’s life. But how can you communicate civilly and productively if there is bad blood between you?

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