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March 2014 Archives

Better understanding your child after you have divorced

We have previously discussed the fact that nearly all children of divorced parents eventually heal from the divorce process and are no worse off in the long-run than children of married parents are on average. In fact, many children of divorced parents benefit from the experience of divorce in the sense that many become more resilient and develop better relationships with one or both parents than they would if they remained living in a house colored by constant tension.

Consider taking a few wise steps before saying 'I do'

From the time we were children, most of us probably took for granted that we would get married someday. But as we get older, the idea of getting married “someday” can turn into getting married “as soon as possible.” A number of pressures – both social and biological – may cause us to rush into marriage without taking time to carefully consider whether we are truly compatible with our betrothed.

Gray divorce trend is continuing to expand

Baby boomers have been setting trends and defying tradition for decades. Perhaps it is unsurprising, then, that boomers are also changing the demographics of divorce. Unlike the generations that have come after and before them, many members of the baby boom generation have chosen to seek divorce later in life.

Divorcing when you and your spouse run a business together

When a couple decides to end their marriage, numerous aspects of their lives are necessarily affected by their split. Finances, relationships with loved ones and living space are almost universally affected whenever couples choose to divorce. However, for some not even work provides a haven from the effects of divorce.

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