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October 2013 Archives

Unique challenges for Millennials on the way to the alter

Getting married is a big decision and for many young people represents a major step towards starting their lives as independent adults. For many this means shifting the focus from school to career and starting to make plans with their soon-to-be-spouse about what they would like the future to hold.

Does your friend's divorce impact you?

Typically when we think about how our friend's divorce could impact us, we think about logistical things like whether they will move to a different city, leave their job, or whether they will choose different friends when their marriage ends. While these types of collateral impacts might be the most obvious, those are the types of effects that researchers at several major universities have been looking into.

Secret spending linked to financial disagreements, divorce

It’s fairly commonly known that financial disputes are a leading reason for the dissolution of a marriage cited in divorce filings in the United States. Finances are a difficult topic for many couples because how we manage our money often goes to the core of what we think is important. For example, if one spouse thinks its important to allocate funds to go out to dinner once a week and the other finds that to be a waste of money that they could be saving or using on home repairs, that may represent a fundamental difference in priorities. 

Court expands understanding of "biological parent"

A state Supreme Court took up an unusual case recently of a same-sex couple struggling over a child custody agreement. The element that made the case unusual was the fact that the child was conceived using an egg from one of the mothers while the other mother carried the child to term. As such, the previous courts had understood only one of the parents as a "biological" parent for the purposes of a custody agreement and the other was considered a surrogate. 

Will the new healthcare law impact divorce rates?

When a couple has decided that it is time to end a marriage, there are various routes that they can take to accomplish this goal. One common first step is to obtain a legal separation to set preliminary provisions for separate lives and assets, as well as child custody and support. Legal separation is often seen as the first step towards divorce, yet a surprising number of couples remain legally separated for an extended period of time without moving to secure a finalized divorce decree.

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