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September 2013 Archives

Biological father transfers custody to adoptive parents

The biological father of a four-year-old girl has transferred custody of his daughter to a couple in a different state who adopted the child when she was born. The case has been the subject of an ongoing court battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court but did not end there. The case has been known in the media as the "Baby Veronica" case after the psuedonym given to the child involved. 

Regretting adoptions, parents trade children on the internet

When a couple or an individual decides to adopt a child, some stressful situations and difficulties are bound to arise. Particularly for parents who are adopting an older child or a child from another country, the transition period can be rocky in many cases. However, in undertaking the adoption the parents have made both a serious legal and an emotional committment to the child they adopted, which means that when the situation becomes difficult they should reach out for help but not abandon the child all together.

Absent adoption or marriage, nonbiological parents have few rights

A state Court of Appeals recently ruled that a woman does not have to pay child support to her former partner. The two decided to have a child together and raised a daughter for eight years before they ended their relationship. At that time they made a child support, custody, and visitation agreement in which the child's biological mother would be her primary caretaker and the other woman who had raised her would pay child support and have visitation.

After trouble adopting, some men choose surrogacy to become dads

It's become fairly common these days for single women who want to have children to turn to options like adoption, sperm donors, or surrogacy in order to start a family. For men who are interested in having children without a partner, the options are naturally more limited.

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