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A major concern of hardworking men facing divorce is their continued ability to enjoy and preserve their earnings and assets. If you are a husband or father in southern Louisiana whose marriage is ending, don’t risk being ordered to pay unfair or unnecessary support payments. Contact me, skilled Lafayette spousal support attorney Laura L. Davenport, before you file for divorce. I can assess your situation and offer straightforward solutions to ensure payments are reasonable and protect your financial future.

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There are two types of spousal support in Louisiana:

  • Interim spousal support: Temporary support that can be awarded to a spouse during the proceedings and for six months post-divorce finalization
  • Final periodic spousal support: Permanent to semi-permanent spousal support that may be modified or terminated by the court if changes in circumstances, such as remarriage, occur

While Louisiana laws require fair calculations based on the financial needs and economic standing of both spouses, support rulings are often biased in favor of women. A dedicated attorney can set you on a path that protects your rights and financial standing.

Making proper decisions right from the start can reduce interim spousal support. With an in-depth knowledge of the law and a passion for defending men’s rights in family law disputes, I offer effective solutions and build strong cases for husbands and fathers throughout the Lafayette-Acadiana area.

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In order to be awarded final periodic spousal support, a divorcing spouse must be proven free from fault in the dissolution of the marriage. As a Lafayette divorce lawyer, I help clients gather the evidence needed to build a solid case. Some factors involved in proving fault are adultery, defamation or if a spouse frequently maintained a quarrelsome disposition.

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The Law Office of Laura L. Davenport is committed to obtaining fair settlements for men undergoing divorce. If you have questions on spousal support issues or other family law-related matters, call 337-231-1397 or contact me online to arrange a confidential consultation.